Identifying your Influencers

This coming November Publisher Discovery's Chris Tradgett will be speaking at the first ever Influencer Marketing Days in New York - with a subject of "GOING BEYOND THE CELEBRITY – IDENTIFYING YOUR INFLUENCERS".


The conference is shaping up to be a pretty exciting addition to the calendar with a focus on Influencers. These are not new people in your online space but over the last couple of years the term has been adopted by the wider marketing community to cover a variety of 'entities'. As Wikipedia puts it, "focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole".

Speakers from the worlds of affiliate, branding, digital law and technology will cover topics as diverse as finding and engaging influencers - and dealing with legal and regulation aspects - to scaling your influencer marketing globally. You'll get first hand knowledge from people like Brian Littleton, Max Ciccotosto and Rachel Honoway to help you in developing an influencer strategy for your own market.

There has certainly been a mixed press on the subject from the excited to sceptical - to downright hostile! Many digital (mainly affiliate) marketing writers have been disparaging about this being a different approach to marketing, convinced that it is just affiliate marketing in new clothes. The Drum (UK) wanted to call Bull$$it on influencer Marketing only in May this year. Others have given a perhaps more balanced view and identified the key difference and referred to the convergence of marketing silos of Affiliate, PR and Social to truly focus on the individual. Forbes even went as far as referring it to the "Influencer Marketing Goldrush"! Forbes does give us a useful definition -'influencer marketing is about providing product context and expertise through an inspirational person'.

This is a dynamic area of marketing so is never going to be an easy one to pin down but as the organizers say, by hearing from some of the leading thinkers in digital marketing, the conference "will equip, educate and inspire you to make the most of your efforts".

Identifying Influencers with Publisher Discovery

Influencer Marketing has been an area of increasing interest here at Publisher Discovery and the platform is ideally set up to identify Influencers with a set of simple but highly effective tools. Within the link data, every website discovered using affiliate tracking links is categorised with an Influence Score to give a simple visual comparison between websites.


The 'Visibility' and 'Entity Search' tools enable the user to go further, investigate areas of weakness in the natural search environment and to find authors and publishing entities by keyword.  At the conference we will show how these tools help the digital marketer and illustrate with client examples of outreach and engagement from the real world.

We'll see you at Influencer Marketing Days

If you've not registered as yet for Influencer Marketing Days this November, there are still early bird discounts available; If you are planning to attend we look forward to meeting you there.


Chris Tradgett