Identifying Your Influencers

Publisher Discovery Co-Founder, Chris Tradgett spoke at the inaugural InfluencerMarketingDays conference in New York, November 2016 on knowing your influencers in particular within specific niches.

The silos in digital marketing are continuing to blur and we can no longer run campaigns in separate 'Affiliate', 'Blogger', 'PR' or 'Referrer' channels. In reality, there has never been a specific 'affiliate channel' as we still hear it being named; affiliates have always operated in all digital channels. So there are PPC affiliates, LeadGen affiliates, content affiliates and bloggers who use affiliate links, as well as the volume referrers in loyalty and couponing.

Many of the leading influencers across most sectors monetize their websites, blogs and social channels in the most appropriate way. Old-School affiliates in most sectors have usually levied a tenancy fee for above the fold or specific ad placement positions in conjunction with the CPA commissions. Similarly, bloggers and influencers have commercial relationships with some of the major brands and their PR or influencer agencies - as well as using affiliate links across their web properties to monetize other brands.


This included examples of influencer activity from TopShop in partnership with Affiliate Window and the 'Ashley Money Saver' Christmas facebook campaign from REDU. The session also explored ways of identifying who your influencers could be using data analysis tools, with detailed examples in the Plus Size, cPanel and Web Hosting fields.  

Below are the slides from InfluencerMarketingDays - though of course without commentary or animations; if you would like more detail on any of this, contact Chris at the address below. You can download a copy of this from Slideshare below:

Chris will be expanding on this theme at conferences in 2017, with particular reference to client case studies. We look forward to meeting you at a conference in 2017, starting of course with ASW in January...



Chris Tradgett