Meet you at Affiliate Summit

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If you are heading to Affiliate Summit in January, we'd love to meet up and show more of the new Publisher Discovery interface, which is launching ready for the show. 

This year following the UK's show format, ASW includes a new Influence section, with sessions and content to match. This reflects the change in the overall affiliate landscape away from the silo attitude of being a 'channel' and affiliate being treated as more of a payment and management model. Bloggers and Influencers have long been users of affiliate linking to monetise their properties - so are as much affiliates as those in the coupon and rebate sectors.

We're of course keen to catch up with the latest industry trends in some of the excellent sessions - and to meet up with the great people in the performance industry and show off our new platform.

The new Publisher Discovery is a major rebuild this time using advanced AI and machine learning technologies developed by Cloudfind, as an extension of the in-network affiliate recommender tools launched in October with the Affiliate Future network. This enables merchants in the network to find the affiliates that most match the advertiser's specific needs and then these can be filtered according to relevance and potential value.

Affiliate Future’s head of client services, John Vickers said: “their AI engine is superb, analysing data from an advertiser’s account while producing meaningful results quickly.”

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The re-engineering of Publisher Discovery extends that technology to external network data for competitor gap analysis - and helps to bring clarity and ease of use to this complex area of affiliate management and speed the discovery and recruitment process significantly. 

Tom, Dan and Chris will be at the show to give demonstrations of the new technology from Sunday thru Wednesday. If you want to meet, just drop us a note and an ideal time to meet - or find us on the ASW App. 

See you in Vegas!

The Publisher Discovery Team