Migration Made Simple - Affiliate Summit East slides on Slideshare

Affiliate Summit East 2017 speaker session notes


If you missed our co-founder, Chris Tradgett's session on the Monday of Affiliate Summit the slides are now available to download on the Affiliate Summit slideshare channel.

In the session, Chris covered the issues an affiliate manager needs to consider when moving an affiliate program from one network to another. As well as pointing the other online resources on managing the detail of chossing a network, negotiating terms, and managing the migration, the session focused promarily on using analysis to ensure affiliates are migrated smoothly and efficiently.

Two main program examples were given showing how even after several years of the migration of the Nike and iTunes programs, there are still thousands of affiliate websites with link pointing to the old network tracking links on Tradedoubler, Linkshare, DGM and others. Many of these end up pointing straight at a 404 page on the network - as in this example:


As well as the potential of lost traffic and sales volumes from these links - there is the added issue of the impact on the brand itself from a dead link.

There is a little more information available in our earlier blog post on Migration from a variety of leading influential affiliate writers. There are a number of other online resources at the foot of that post and in the comments.

Get an analysis for your program


If you have migrated a program from one network to another and would like to check and see if any affiliates' websites are still poining at the old program, submit your old program details and we can conduct a Gap Analysis on both programs along with a few competitors to ensure you aren't missing out on traffic volumes - or allowing links to affect your brand.


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