Publisher Discovery drops the Linkdex name

The Publisher Discovery Launch News Release

Its now been a few weeks since we launched Publisher Discovery Ltd as a separate company, so we're reproducing the launch press information (as originally published on here.


Linkdex Publisher Discovery is separating off from Linkdex to be a more focused product and service specifically for the Affiliate Marketing sector.

Linkdex is the SEO platform of choice for professional marketeers, having enjoyed phenomenal growth to dominate the European SEO scene while making huge inroads into the US market, with both East- and West-Coast presence. With their focus firmly on the Search sector, Linkdex has decided to separate off the Publisher Discovery division so that it can be a more focused product and service specifically for the Affiliate Marketing sector.

Linkdex developed the Publisher Discovery tools alongside the SEO platform - and it has been adopted by some of the biggest brands in the industry to become the leading global affiliate tracking analysis platform for Affiliate Managers. The primary objective is to provide insights into affiliate network and program structure, with unparalleled depth of information on a competitor’s publisher base.

Since launching 4 years ago, the affiliate focused Publisher Discovery platform has also won several awards, including "Best Use of Data" at the Performance Marketing Awards. The new entity, Publisher Discovery Ltd is being headed by Chris Tradgett and Daniel Amarquaye, both long time Affiliate Industry names, to develop the affiliate platform and continue to strengthen their position in the industry. This will provide continuity of service to existing clients who include several global affiliate networks, OPMs and merchants worldwide.

Linkdex CEO Mark Smith says, “I’m thrilled to see the two major custodians of Publisher Discovery, Chris and Dan, continue with this service. Linkdex will continue to power the platform and our existing clients while giving the new Publisher Discovery set up a fantastic opportunity to expand into the Affiliate marketplace”.