Russia Affiliate Conference

Co-Founder Chris Tradgett will be speaking at this year's Russia Affiliate Conference in Moscow (October 4-5) on the subject of Managing Affiliate Program Migrations. The session expands on the arguments given at Affiliate Summit East this year, concerning the effective management of affiliates of all sizes when migrating an affiliate program from one network to another tracking provider.


Chris will give examples of successful program migration from the webhosting and fashion sectors showing how best to manage the process. There will also be illustrations of the results of an incomplete migration, leaving affiliate websites with dead links and dropped earnings - as well as online brands having their potential customers disappearing onto an affiliate network 404 page. The session then shows how the use of data mining and network tracking analysis assists in ensuring as complete a migration as possible.

If you would like to arrange to meet Chris at #RACE2017 to discuss this or any other competitor intelligence requirement, please feel free to BOOK ME in this calendar, or get in touch via the contact details on this website.

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