Search Visibility for Affiliate Managers

The Visibility tool in the platform can be used to examine how a website performs in natural search in any of around 30 different territories, along with the ranking a traffic for the main keywords. One of the powerful aspects is to see how the website compares against a competitor. This could be used equally to compare your own affiliate program with another online merchant; or for a comparative analysis of two or more affiliate websites. 

Merchant Analysis


As an example, if you were managing a program for Macy's and keen to see how it compares to Bloomingdales, the platform can identify keyword groups where Bloomingdales is outperforming Macy's - as in this selection:


Here we see as well as a bloomingdales brand, some of their best performing keywords are for 'designer belts' and 'gucci belt'. To counter this a search manager could opt to use Adwords to cover off those keywords.

However if they took a more holistic and integrated approach, Macy's could opt to work with affiliates who perform well on those keywords to increase market share. This could be as simple as providing specific creative or content units; it could be beneficial to encourage this with specially increased commission from those creatives - a much cheaper and far more targeted alternative to blanket Google advertising.

It is simple to discover new affiliates from competing programs within the Publisher Discovery data who have relevant content pages.

To extend the reach beyond your existing affiliates the Author Discovery tools enable a search for authors, bloggers and influencers who have significant traffic for the relevant keywords:


For more information on this contact your account manager.

Affiliate Analysis

This example demonstrates how a direct comparison of two competing voucher (coupon) websites can reveal interesting details:


By choosing to focus on the traffic for the competitor, you get a clear idea of their strengths - in this case restaurant and take-out vouchers. This can be done in any sector in over 30 countries and using over 70 languages, so searching in Japanese, Thai, Arabic, or Russian provides powerful potential outreach lists.

If you would like to know more about how Publisher Discovery could be used in managing your own affiliate programme, book a demo session with one of the team.